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At Focus Law, we strive to provide our clients with practical, conscientious and efficient solutions to the legal issues that they face. We work in tandem with our clients to achieve viable and results-oriented solutions.

We are guided by the principle of delivering legal services in a manner which is accessible and goal oriented.

We believe that there are three primary ways to make the law accessible. The first is to provide legal advice in a clear and forthright manner. The second is to work with our clients to deliver legal services in a manner that is mindful of financial constraints. The third is to use current communicative technologies such as "Skype" and "Join Me" to be available and responsive to clients wherever they might be located.

Legal services can be expensive, and legal fees are commensurate with the level of complexity of the legal issue. We appreciate and understand a client’s need to have a clear sense of their legal expenses so that they can achieve their goals in a cost-effective manner. Therefore, we offer legal services in several different ways:

  1. fixed-fee pricing for selected legal services. Please refer to our pricing schedule for more details.

  2. legal services on a limited-services basis, that is, legal services are not delivered on a full-service basis but rather on a task-specific basis. This means that you retain us to perform only specific tasks, and you remain responsible for all remaining tasks associated with your case. You may wish to engage Focus Law on a limited-services basis in circumstances where you want to direct your own case but require legal advice:

    • on a specific issue;
    • where you require legal research performed as you prepare to represent yourself at trial; or
    • where you require assistance in crafting a legal strategy to advance your claim.
  3. legal services on a full-service basis. This is the traditional way that legal services are delivered. By assuming conduct of a file on a full-service basis, Focus Law will perform the full spectrum of legal services required for your case. Representation on a full-service basis is billed on an hourly-fee basis. However, as we strive to be conscious of financial constraints, Focus Law will work with you from the outset of taking on a file to prepare a budget of anticipated legal fees for each phase of a matter.

We invite you to contact us to discuss which level of legal services is most appropriate to your circumstances.