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unbundled legal services

  1. What are "unbundled legal services"?

    Unbundled legal services or "limited legal services" involve dividing the usual full spectrum of legal services a lawyer retained on a "full service" basis would perform into separate distinct tasks. This means that you retain a lawyer to perform only specific tasks, and you maintain responsibility for all remaining tasks.

  2. Why "unbundled legal services"?

    There are many reasons for a person to choose to retain a lawyer on a limited legal services basis:

    • high legal costs necessitating self-representation;
    • the availability of legal information enabling a person to collect legal information for the purpose of advancing his/her own case;
    • your decision that you are the best person to advance your case.

    There is a vast amount of legal information available on the internet. However, legal information is not legal advice. When the time comes for you to obtain legal advice, Focus Law can assist you in turning legal information into the specific legal advice you need to present and advance your case when negotiating with an opposing party or when representing yourself in court.

  3. The role of Focus Law in providing limited legal services

    You can retain Focus Law on a limited-services basis. This means that you retain Focus Law to represent you only on specific legal matter(s), and not to assume full conduct of a legal matter. As your lawyer on a limited-services basis, Focus Law will advise you on the law with respect to a specific legal problem that is identified at the outset of the retainer. You remain responsible for all remaining tasks required to advance your case.

  4. Limited legal services offered

    Examples of the types of limited legal services we offer:

    • Drafting services
      • Pleadings - Notice of Claim and Reply;
      • Affidavits;
      • Notice of Motion.
    • Consultation on a specific legal issue;
    • Coaching for examinations for discovery, mediation, settlement conference, trial;
    • Written legal opinion;
    • Legal Research:
      • conducting legal research for case law relevant to your case;
      • analyzing, reviewing and summarizing case law from the opposing party.

    The above list of limited legal services offered is not an exhaustive list. If there is a specific legal service that you require and it is not listed, please contact us.

Page last updated on: July 27, 2011.

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